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Sun 07-Sep-14 Tickets MIKE TRAMP Newcastle | Think Tank
Mon 08-Sep-14 Tickets PEARL JEM PEARL JAM TRIBUT... Newcastle | O2 Academy2 Newcastle
Tue 09-Sep-14 Tickets The Saturdays Newcastle | Newcastle City Hall
Tue 09-Sep-14 Tickets BENJAMIN BOOKER Newcastle | Think Tank
Thu 11-Sep-14 Tickets KNOCK OUT KAINE WILD THORN... Newcastle | Think Tank
Fri 12-Sep-14 Tickets Steven James Adams (ex Bro... Newcastle | Newcastle Cumberland Arms Byk...
Fri 12-Sep-14 Tickets GUNS2ROSES Newcastle | O2 Academy2 Newcastle
Sat 13-Sep-14 Tickets TARGET WRESTLING Newcastle | O2 Academy Newcastle
Sun 14-Sep-14 Tickets THE UK WEDDING SHOWS Newcastle | Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
Sun 14-Sep-14 Tickets ALLUSONDRUGS Newcastle | Think Tank
Mon 15-Sep-14 Tickets Jesus Jones Newcastle | O2 Academy 2 Newcastle
Tue 16-Sep-14 Tickets HONEYBLOOD Newcastle | Cluny 2
Wed 17-Sep-14 Tickets EXIT CALM Newcastle | Think Tank
Thu 18-Sep-14 Tickets SHARON CORR Newcastle | O2 Academy2 Newcastle
Fri 19-Sep-14 Tickets Shield Patterns Newcastle | Newcastle Cumberland Arms Byk...
Fri 19-Sep-14 Tickets SAM DICKINSON Newcastle | Hoochie Coochie
Fri 19-Sep-14 Tickets THE QUEEN EXTRAVAGANZA Newcastle | Newcastle City Hall
Fri 19-Sep-14 Tickets BEN MONTAGUE Newcastle | Cluny 2
Sat 20-Sep-14 Tickets TWISTER Newcastle | O2 Academy2 Newcastle
Sun 21-Sep-14 Tickets ME VS HERO Newcastle | O2 Academy2 Newcastle
Mon 22-Sep-14 Tickets ANATHEMA Newcastle | O2 Academy2 Newcastle
Tue 23-Sep-14 Tickets MICHAEL NESMITH Newcastle | Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre
Tue 23-Sep-14 Tickets ELECTRIC BOYS Newcastle | Think Tank
Tue 23-Sep-14 Tickets RAE MORRIS Newcastle | Cluny 2
Wed 24-Sep-14 Tickets PRIMAL FEAR Newcastle | O2 Academy2 Newcastle
Wed 24-Sep-14 Tickets JAWS Newcastle | Digital
Thu 25-Sep-14 Tickets The Horrors Newcastle | Riverside
Thu 25-Sep-14 Tickets The Vamps Newcastle | Newcastle City Hall
Thu 25-Sep-14 Tickets WORLD SUPER SERIES DARTS Newcastle | O2 Academy Newcastle
Thu 25-Sep-14 Tickets SYD ARTHUR Newcastle | Cluny 2
Fri 26-Sep-14 Tickets DAWN FRENCH Newcastle | Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre
Fri 26-Sep-14 Tickets WOODS Newcastle | Think Tank
Fri 26-Sep-14 Tickets MATT ANDERSEN Newcastle | Cluny 2
Sat 27-Sep-14 Tickets Lewis Watson Newcastle | O2 Academy 2 Newcastle
Sat 27-Sep-14 Tickets Alternative Model Of The Y... Newcastle | Newcastle Northumbria Univers...
Sat 27-Sep-14 Tickets LISBON SPECIAL GUESTS Newcastle | Riverside
Sat 27-Sep-14 Tickets The Jim Jones Revue Newcastle | Newcastle Uni Basement
Sat 27-Sep-14 Tickets DAWN FRENCH Newcastle | Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre
Sat 27-Sep-14 Tickets ELYSIUM PRODUCTIONS PRESEN... Newcastle | Think Tank
Sat 27-Sep-14 Tickets CHASTITY BROWN Newcastle | Cluny 2
Sun 28-Sep-14 Tickets GEMMA RAY Newcastle | Cluny 2
Mon 29-Sep-14 Tickets THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE Newcastle | O2 Academy2 Newcastle
Mon 29-Sep-14 Tickets WATSKY Newcastle | The Riverside
Mon 29-Sep-14 Tickets GOAT Newcastle | Northumbria University
Tue 30-Sep-14 Tickets ROB LYNCH Newcastle | Think Tank
Wed 01-Oct-14 Tickets BIPOLAR SUNSHINE Newcastle | Think Tank Riverside
Thu 02-Oct-14 Tickets THIS WILD LIFE Newcastle | Think Tank
Thu 02-Oct-14 Tickets THE SUNSHINE UNDERGROUND Newcastle | Think Tank Riverside
Fri 03-Oct-14 Tickets Manchester Orchestra Newcastle | O2 Academy Newcastle
Fri 03-Oct-14 Tickets SCOTT MATTHEWS Newcastle | Cluny 2

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